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Welcome! The Permanent Makeup International was founded on May 2005 by two medical professionals, Drs. Yolanda Pena, CPCP and A. Bustillo, MD, Ophthalmologist.

Dr. Yolanda Pena is a National Certified Permanent Makeup Professional and a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) since 2005.

Yolanda Pena, is also a doctor specialized in Opthalmology in Cuba in 1988, has rendered her medical expertise in India and Nicaragua and is also licensed to practice Medicine and Opthalmology in Spain.

Yolanda has completed Advance Training with the foremost leaders in the industry in the placement, design and special effects of eyebrows, eyeliners, lips, pigment corrections, areola/nipple Coloration (after Mastectomy or Breast Surgery) and the camouflage of scars as the ones left after Hair Transplant procedures and trauma of eyebrows and lips.

Specializing in the use of Digital, Rotary Pens and Coils Machines, Yolanda keeps updated in the latest developments and technology with continued education, including the participation in the conventions and events celebrated by her organizations and the Certification of the OSHA Blood Borne Pathogens Standard Course and Exam as required by the Florida OSHA and CDC (1010-1030) and International ocular conferences. Yolanda is also Licensed and Insured.

Dr. Pena volunteers as a doctor for countries in need and keeps actualized with the latest surgical and medical ocular technologies. Her philosophy about proper aging is keeping healthy habits; eating properly, doing regular exercises but also, taking care of yourself aesthetically to overcome the natural effects of aging that some times, lower own's self stem which may end in depression that affect people lifesin both, the family and working enviroment.

Yolanda is also a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant were she shares her expertise in the proper use and latest products of the biggest Beauty Company of USA.

Dr. Yolanda Pena working on client  at his office.

Dr. Yolanda Pena in the red Sari, as an Opthamologist at the ICARE  Eye Hospital in New Delhi, India

Dr. Yolanda Pena as an Ocular Surgeon in the pre operatory room of the Icare Eye Hospital in New Dehli surrounded by ophthalmic techs and nurses.

As with any Cosmetic Procedure, be wise investing in yourself by  selecting a Certified Professional.  Ask for Credentials!


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