As a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional and a Doctor, Yolanda strives for perfection and cares about her clients. She offers her clients a professional and hygienic setting in which to perform permanent makeup procedures that will enhance your natural beauty and heighten your self-esteem. Additionally, all procedures at Permanent Makeup Institute are offered at fair and affordable prices.

As we grow older, the effects of the environment, sun exposure, hormonal changes, reduction in the production of collagen and elastine, daily facial expressions ( such as smiling or frowning) and chronic medication, will take a toll on your face and body. Although Yolanda cannot stop the hands of time, she can assist you in looking and feeling younger with natural looking permanent cosmetics.

Procedures Offered:


Are the “power house” framing the face. Just filling in scarce ones or making a full new design, will bring a lifted look effect that becomes an ideal option before (or to enhance) a Botox or Surgical Brow Lift Cosmetic Surgery.

  • Eyebrow Fill In: For scarce brows - ideal for men and women
  • Full Brows design: Dimensional look or hair stroke simulation - ideal for men and women.


As the window of our soul, the eyes transmit our feelings and thoughts and many times are the center focus of the face. Permanent Cosmetics can enhance their color and shape, bringing an uplifted look to the droop down corners or disguise small, deep set or bigger, protruding eyes.

  • Eyeliner top and bottom - one color
  • Eyeliner plus blended color of choice for a smoky effect.


As we age, lips become thinner, smaller, and may lose their definition and color. Vertical lines and dropping of the lips corners may start to appear. Permanent Cosmetics will dramatically enhance their look and become an ideal guideline for Lips Filler Cosmetic procedure.

  • Lip Liner: Defines and give fullness and symmetry to the lips.
  • Full Lip Color: Has the added effect of permanently full, rosy (natural tones) lips without the worries of leaving a lip stain or lipstick bleeding behind. Just add any lipstick color to change your looks.


Yolanda is trained in the Correction of permanent makeup mistakes. Avoid the painfully expensive, with no warranties of these procedures by investing wisely in yourself. Select a qualified, certified professional from the beginning.

  • Correction of purple-blue or orange-pink brows.
  • Correction of purple-blue Lip Liner.
  • Correction of eyeliner colors.


Using pigments that match existing skin or hair tones to disguise scars left by hair transplant, surgeries or traumas.

  • Camouflage of the scars after a hair transplant.
  • Camouflage of receding hair line or bald spots.
  • Camouflage of the scars after surgical face Lift.


Dear Yolanda, I cannot thank you enough...I love my new eyebrows! Your bedside manner is amazing. I will recommend you to everyone I know. I feel very lucky to have met such a special lady like you. You truly do not know how much I appreciate it!

Brynne | Coral Spring, Fl

Four years ago I had an accident with multiple fractures in my head that left one side my face paralyzed with a subsequent brow lower that the other. Also I had pink brows from previous work. It took two procedures for Yolanda Pena to fix them! I thought it was not possible! Still my face is half paralyzed but no body can tell. I highly recommend Dr. Pena for her professionalism and compassion.

D. Broder | Pompano, FL

I am a 72 years old widow . I just met a wonderful man and we enjoy our company. I was worried that I looked too washed out and old. A friend told me about Yolanda. She did a Lash Enhancement on my eyelids that make them to look bigger and defined. She also reshaped my lip line and blended in a natural looking color. It was the best money I have invested on my face, I will never regret it. I am older and dating again!

V. Blossom | Fort Lauderdale, FL

I am a 25 years old guy but became bald too quickly. I had a hair transplant from the back of my head that was implanted to the front but never grew up. I went to Dr. Pena to camouflage the scars left and told her that I would like to look like a person that shave his head on purpose. I drew a design that she reproduced with tiny dots that also hid my old scars. She brought my self esteem back. Thanks Dr. Pena!

S. Trish | Fort Lauderdale, FL

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